Windows 11: New Trick to Bypass CPU and TPM Lockout

Windows 11 has set strict hardware requirements, leaving many users with older computers needing help to upgrade. However, a new trick allows users to bypass these limitations. This article will explore this method, its risks, and its implications.

Key Takeaways

  • A new trick allows bypassing Windows 11’s strict hardware requirements.
  • The method involves using a specific command in the Windows command line tool.
  • This trick was initially discovered by a Vietnamese user and later popularized.
  • Bypassing the requirements may lead to performance and security issues.
  • Before using this method on your primary computer, weighing the advantages and disadvantages is crucial.
Windows 11 Bypass Cpu And Tpm Lockout
Credit: Microsoft Blog

The Trick in Detail

The trick is surprisingly simple. You can bypass the hardware lock by initiating the Windows 11 setup routine via the Windows command line tool and adding the /product server command. Specifically, the command should look like this:

setup /product server

This method has been confirmed to work with the current Canary Insider versions of Windows 11. During the setup, a message appears stating that “Windows Server” is being installed. However, in reality, either Windows 11 Home or Windows 11 Pro gets installed.

Origin of the Trick

Interestingly, this method was discovered by a Vietnamese user over a year ago but gained little attention. It was only recently popularized, making it easier for users to bypass the hardware requirements set by Microsoft.

Risks Involved

While the trick seems tempting, it’s essential to consider the risks. Bypassing the hardware requirements may lead to the following:

  • Performance Issues: Windows 11 may not run smoothly, especially on older computers.
  • Security Risks: Such computers may not receive all important security updates.
  • Stability Concerns: There may be stability issues causing the system to crash or freeze.

Expert Opinions

Tom’s Hardware and Bleeping Computer experts also discuss various methods to bypass these requirements. However, they all emphasize the importance of understanding the risks involved.

Is It Worth the Risk?

Before you decide to use this trick, ask yourself:

  • Do you have a backup computer in case things go wrong?
  • Are you prepared to face potential security risks?
  • Is upgrading to Windows 11 crucial for you despite the risks?


While the new trick to bypass Windows 11’s hardware requirements seems promising, it comes with risks. It’s crucial to be fully aware of these risks before proceeding. If you decide to proceed, take all necessary precautions to minimize potential issues.

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