Why iOS 17.1 is the Update You’ve Been Waiting For!

Apple is set to release iOS 17.1 on October 24, packed with new features. From enhancements in the Music app to new AirDrop capabilities, this update promises to improve your iPhone experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Radiation Fix: Apple addresses radiation concerns in France.
  • Music App: New ways to favourite songs, albums, and artists.
  • AirDrop: Send files over cellular data.
  • Connected Cards: Add debit and credit cards to the Wallet app.
  • Standby Features: New customization options for display settings.
Apple Ios 17.1 Latest Update
Credit: Apple

Addressing Radiation Concerns in France

The update comes after France’s national frequency agency, the Agence Nationale Des Fréquences (ANFR), raised concerns about excessive electromagnetic radiation emissions from the iPhone 12. Apple has developed a software update to bring the localized SAR “member” back into compliance with the regulatory limit of 4 W/kg. The update has been validated by ANFR and will be available to all French iPhone 12 users by October 24.

Music App Enhancements

The Music app is getting a significant upgrade. Users will now have the ability to favourite any song, album, playlist, or artist by tapping the star icon. This new selection will be saved to the library and help improve Apple’s recommendations for you.

New AirDrop Features

AirDrop is also getting a facelift. A new “Out of Range” option will allow users to send and receive files even if the two devices are not close to each other. The file transfer will be completed via Wi-Fi or cellular data when the distance between the two devices increases.

Connected Cards in Wallet App

For iPhone users in the UK, a new feature will allow them to add their debit and credit cards from selected banks to the Wallet app. Users can view the latest transactions and balances for these cards.

New Standby Features

The update will introduce new customization options under Standby settings. The display can turn off automatically, after 20 seconds, or never.

Additional Features

  • Dynamic Island Changes: Indicates when the flashlight is actively used on all iPhone models with the Dynamic Island.
  • Reachability: Now shows a solid black background on the iPhone 14 Pro and newer.
  • Photo Shuffle on Lock Screen: You can now select a specific album of photos that will be shown on the Lock Screen.
  • Nintendo Switch N64 Controller Support: iOS 17.1 supports the Bluetooth-enabled N64 controller released for the Nintendo Switch.


The iOS 17.1 update is more than just a regular software tweak; it’s a comprehensive upgrade that addresses various issues and introduces new features. Whether you’re concerned about radiation levels or want to make your Music app experience more personalized, this update has something for everyone.

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