Why Google is Pushing for Passkeys as the New Login Standard

Google is making a significant change in how we log into our accounts. The tech giant is pushing to use passkeys as the default sign-in method, making the login process easier and more secure.

Key Takeaways

  • Google is making passkeys the default sign-in method for all users.
  • Passkeys offer a more secure and convenient alternative to traditional passwords.
  • Users can still opt to use traditional passwords.
  • Passkeys are part of Google’s broader strategy to improve online security.
  • The change has received positive feedback, with 64% of users finding passkeys easier to use.
Google Passkey Security

The What and Why of Passkeys

Passkeys are a modern alternative to the traditional username-password combination. They use your device’s built-in biometric features—like facial recognition or fingerprint scanning—or a PIN to verify your identity. This method is more secure and convenient, freeing users from the hassle of remembering complex passwords.

How Passkeys Work

When you set up a passkey, two keys are generated. One is stored on the website or service where you have an account, and the other is stored on your device. Hackers will find it incredibly difficult to get unauthorized access to your account with this dual-key setup.

User Feedback and Adoption

Since the introduction of passkeys, Google has received positive feedback. According to Google product managers Christiaan Brand and Sriram Karra, 64% of users find passkeys easier to use than traditional methods like passwords and two-step verification.

The Future of Passwords

While passkeys are set to become the new standard, traditional passwords will be around for a while. Google acknowledges that passwords will “remain part of our lives” as we transition to more secure methods.

Google New Passkey Security In 2023

How to Set Up Passkeys

To set up a passkey for your Google account, you can visit g.co/passkeys. The setup process is straightforward and user-friendly, guiding you through each step.

Wider Industry Adoption

It’s not just Google that’s adopting this technology. Other platforms like Uber and eBay have also enabled passkeys, and soon WhatsApp will join the list. This shows the industry is moving towards a more secure and user-friendly login method.

Final Thoughts

The move to passkeys is a significant step in enhancing online security. While the transition may take some time, the benefits are clear regarding security and convenience. It’s a change that users have welcomed and will likely be adopted by more platforms shortly.

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