Why Funtouch OS 14 is a Game-Changer for Vivo and iQOO Users!

Funtouch OS 14 is Vivo’s latest operating system, designed to work seamlessly with Android 14. This article aims to explore its key features, the devices it supports, and how it enhances the user experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Smoother Experience: Funtouch OS 14 introduces features like RAM Saver and App Retainer.
  • Focus Areas: The OS targets Personalization, Productivity, Multitasking, Smoothness, and Privacy.
  • Device Compatibility: Both Vivo and iQOO have a list of eligible smartphones for this upgrade.
Funtouch Os 14 2023

What is Funtouch OS 14?

Funtouch OS is a proprietary operating system developed by Vivo. The latest version, Funtouch OS 14, is built on Android 14 and introduces various features to improve system performance and user experience. One of the standout features is “Smooth Envision,” designed to optimise RAM usage and system responsiveness.

Smooth Envision

This feature focuses on reducing unnecessary processes, thereby freeing up RAM. It aims to make the system more responsive and improve multitasking capabilities. According to Fone Arena, this feature can free up to 600MB of RAM on 8GB or more devices.

Key Features of Funtouch OS 14


Funtouch OS 14 provides a wide range of customisation possibilities for your smartphone. Eight font choices and three layouts are now available for customising the lock screen clock style.

Always-On Display Styles

The new OS version also introduces new always-on-display styles and a minimalist theme. These features allow users to make their devices truly their own.


When it comes to productivity, Funtouch OS 14 has got you covered. The operating system has improved video editing tools, allowing users to create unique content without relying on third-party apps.

Video Editing Capabilities

  • Export videos in original quality
  • Customise video settings up to 4K at 60FPS
  • Use 25 filters for creative editing


Multitasking is a breeze with Funtouch OS 14. The OS introduces a revamped small window feature, allowing users to keep up to 12 small windows active in the background. This is particularly useful for people who like to switch between apps frequently.

Small Window Feature

Number of WindowsUp to 12
Side-Swipe SuspensionFor better control
Mini Small Window ModeFor focused app usage

Eligible Devices and Rollout Timeline

Vivo and iQOO have released a list of devices eligible for the Funtouch OS 14 upgrade. The rollout will start with the Vivo X90 Pro and iQOO 11, followed by other models in the coming months.

Vivo Devices

  • Vivo X90 Pro
  • Vivo X60
  • Vivo V21
  • And more…

iQOO Devices

  • iQOO 11
  • iQOO 9 Pro
  • iQOO 9T
  • And more…

You can visit the official Vivo website for a complete list and timeline.

How Does Funtouch OS 14 Enhance User Experience?


One of the most talked-about features of Funtouch OS 14 is its focus on providing a smooth user experience. The operating system introduces features like RAM Saver and Extended RAM 3.0, which aim to optimise system performance.

RAM Saver and Extended RAM 3.0

  • RAM Saver: This feature frees up additional RAM by optimising background processes. It can add up to 600MB of RAM to the available lot.
  • Extended RAM 3.0: This feature uses a part of the phone’s storage to act as virtual RAM, enhancing the device’s multitasking capabilities.


Funtouch OS 14 also brings several privacy features to the table. One such feature is App Hiding, which allows users to hide sensitive apps from the home screen. Additionally, the OS offers password protection for hidden photos, ensuring that your personal data remains secure.

Privacy Features

  • App Hiding
  • Password protection for hidden photos
  • Secure Folder for sensitive files

For more information on Android 14’s privacy features that are also part of Funtouch OS 14, you can visit Android’s official website.

Comparison with Previous Versions

Funtouch OS 14 brings several improvements over its predecessors. While previous versions focused on basic functionality and user interface, the latest version aims to provide a more comprehensive experience.

Improvements and Additions

  • Enhanced multitasking features
  • Improved video editing tools
  • New customisation options
  • Advanced privacy features

How to Upgrade to Funtouch OS 14

Upgrading to Funtouch OS 14 is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through it.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Go to Settings on your Vivo or iQOO smartphone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on ‘System Update.’
  3. Check for updates. If Funtouch OS 14 is available, you’ll see an option to download it.
  4. Tap ‘Download’ and wait for the update to complete.
  5. Once downloaded, tap ‘Install’ to upgrade your device.

You can visit Vivo’s support page for troubleshooting and more detailed instructions.

User Reviews and Feedback

The initial user feedback for Funtouch OS 14 has been largely positive. Users have praised the new features and improvements, particularly the enhanced multitasking and privacy features.

Common Praises

  • Smooth user experience
  • Enhanced multitasking
  • Robust privacy features

Common Issues

  • Some users have reported minor bugs
  • Battery drain issues on older devices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Funtouch OS 14?

Funtouch OS 14 is the latest version of Vivo’s proprietary operating system, built on Android 14. It introduces several new features aimed at enhancing user experience and system performance.

How do I upgrade my device to Funtouch OS 14?

You can upgrade by going to Settings > System Update on your device. If the update is available, you’ll see an option to download and install it.

What are the key features of Funtouch OS 14?

The key features include enhanced multitasking, new customisation options, advanced privacy features, and improved system performance.

Is Funtouch OS 14 better than its previous versions?

Yes, Funtouch OS 14 brings several improvements and new features compared to its predecessors, making it a more comprehensive and user-friendly operating system.

What devices are eligible for the Funtouch OS 14 upgrade?

Both Vivo and iQOO have released a list of eligible devices. The list includes models like Vivo X90 Pro, iQOO 11, and many more.

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