WhatsApp’s Game-Changing Feature: Chat Across Apps!

WhatsApp, a widely used messaging app, is developing a new tool that will revolutionize the way we communicate with each other. Soon, WhatsApp users may be able to exchange messages with their friends who use different messaging apps.

Whatsapp Game Changing New Feature

The Push from the European Union

The European Union passed the Digital Markets Act (DMA) to promote fair competition and give customers more choices. The goal of this law is to stop big tech companies from dominating the market and making it hard for smaller companies to compete. As part of this act, the EU called WhatsApp a “gatekeeper” in the messaging business, which means it is a big player. This means that WhatsApp has been told to make it possible for it to communicate with other chat apps.

WhatsApp’s Response

WhatsApp has already started working on this interoperability feature in answer to the EU’s directive. Recently, a new screen called “Third-party chats” was found in the app’s beta version. Even though the exact features are still a secret, this screen will likely be where users can see texts from other messaging apps.

What Does This Mean for the Messaging Landscape?

This move by WhatsApp could make things more fair. Now, smaller messaging apps like Signal, which might have had a hard time competing with WhatsApp, will have a good chance. This means that the users will have more options and more freedom. What if you didn’t have to switch between different apps to talk to different people?

Also, users can choose not to use this function if they want to. One problem WhatsApp will have to solve in the future is ensuring that texts from other apps are encrypted from end to end so that users can keep getting the privacy they’re used to.


The way people use chat apps is about to change significantly. With the EU’s push for fair competition and WhatsApp’s steps toward interoperability, the future looks good for users and app developers. As we wait for official news and rollouts, one thing is certain: communication is about to get easier than ever.

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