WhatsApp’s Upcoming Redesign: What Android Users Can Expect

According to reports, Meta’s well-known messaging app WhatsApp is currently working on a significant redesign for its Android app. This news has been buzzing across various tech platforms, and today, we delve into the details. The redesign aims to offer a more modern and user-friendly interface, aligning with Material Design 3 guidelines. So, what changes can users expect? Let’s find out.

Whatsapp Upcoming Redesign For Android

The New Colour Palette

Firstly, the iconic green top bar we’ve all grown accustomed to is getting a makeover. It will now be white, with only a few elements, like the WhatsApp logo and icons, retaining the green colour. This change aims to bring a fresh and clean look to the app.

Navigation Made Easy

Another significant change is the introduction of a bottom navigation bar. This feature is already present in the iOS version of WhatsApp, and the idea is to unify the design across Android and iOS platforms. Simplifying the app’s navigation will enhance users’ experience.

Sorting Your Chats

WhatsApp also introduces new filter options at the top of the chat list. These filters will include ‘All,’ ‘Read,’ ‘Personal,’ and ‘Business,’ making it easier to sort and find your messages. This feature is not just for Android; it’s also expected to roll out for iOS users.

More than Just Aesthetic Changes

While these changes may seem purely aesthetic, they are part of a broader strategy by Meta to align WhatsApp with Google’s latest Material Design 3 guidelines. This alignment could pave the way for more integrated features and a more cohesive user experience.

Still in the Testing Phase

It’s important to note that these changes are still in the testing phase. They have been spotted in the app’s beta version, but there’s yet to be an official word on when they will be rolled out to the general public. So, for now, we can only wait and watch.

Whatsapp Redesign Beta Version For Android
Source: WABetaInfo

What about iOS?

There’s no confirmed news about similar changes for the iOS version of WhatsApp. However, given that the company aims to unify the user experience across platforms, it’s likely that iOS users will see similar updates soon.


In summary, WhatsApp is gearing up to roll out a significant redesign for its Android app. The changes are aesthetic and functional, from a new colour scheme to improved navigation and chat sorting features. While these updates are still in the testing phase, they indicate a promising future for the app’s user interface and overall experience.

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  3. What’s next for WhatsApp? With these changes in the pipeline, what other features can we expect from WhatsApp soon?

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