WhatsApp Tests New File Sharing Feature Like Android’s Quick Share

WhatsApp, the widely-used messaging app, is set to revolutionize file sharing with its latest feature. This new addition, akin to Android’s Quick Share and Nearby Share, promises to enhance the user experience significantly. Here’s an in-depth look at what this feature entails and its potential impact.

Whatsapp Nearby Sharing New Feature

Seamless File Sharing Up to 2GB

WhatsApp is testing a feature that allows users to share files up to 2GB in size. This development, spotted by WABetaInfo in WhatsApp’s latest Android beta version, utilizes Bluetooth for transfers. It offers a faster and more convenient option compared to traditional methods like chat or cloud storage. To initiate a transfer, both users must be in the app’s “Share Files” section and remain there until completion.

Security and Privacy

The new feature maintains WhatsApp’s commitment to security with end-to-end encryption. During transfers, phone numbers stay hidden, ensuring privacy even from those not in your contact list. This aspect is crucial, especially when sharing files in public spaces.

Whatsapp Share File With People Nearby Feature Android

Cross-Platform Compatibility

If WhatsApp’s feature works across both iOS and Android, it could significantly impact how users share files. However, its success depends on compatibility with other platforms, as Google and Samsung have recently updated their Quick Share feature.

WhatsApp’s Continuous Innovation

Alongside this file-sharing feature, WhatsApp has introduced new functionalities for Channels users, including polls, voice messages, and multiple admins. These updates highlight the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience.

WhatsApp’s New File Sharing Feature vs. Traditional Methods

FeatureWhatsApp’s New File SharingTraditional Methods
File Size LimitUp to 2GBVaries
Transfer MethodBluetoothInternet-based
SecurityEnd-to-end encryptionDepends on method
User PrivacyPhone numbers hiddenVaries
Platform CompatibilityPotentially cross-platformPlatform-specific


WhatsApp’s new file-sharing feature represents a significant step forward in the app’s functionality. By offering large file transfers, enhanced security, and potentially cross-platform compatibility, WhatsApp continues to position itself as a leader in communication technology.

Whatsapp Tests New File Sharing Feature Like Android Quick Share

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