WhatsApp Elevates Chat Privacy with New Secret Code Feature

WhatsApp has recently rolled out a new “Secret Code” feature, enhancing the privacy of its chat function. This update allows users to set a custom password, including words or emojis, to secure their chats. The unique aspect of this feature is its ability to hide locked chats from the chat list, making them accessible only through the secret code entered in the search bar.

Key Takeaways

  1. Introduction of the Secret Code Feature: WhatsApp’s new feature enhances privacy by allowing users to hide locked chats with a custom password.
  2. Custom Passwords for Locked Chats: Users can create passwords with words, emojis, or a combination distinct from the device unlock code.
  3. Enhanced Privacy Controls: The feature makes locked chats invisible in the chat list unless accessed via the secret code.
  4. Global Rollout: The feature is being rolled out globally and will reach all users over time.
  5. Chat Lock History: WhatsApp introduced Chat Lock and end-to-end encryption in previous updates to bolster privacy.
Whatsapp New Secret Code Chat Lock Feature Unveiled

WhatsApp’s Commitment to Privacy: Secret Code Feature

WhatsApp, the globally popular messaging platform, has taken a significant step forward in enhancing user privacy. Introducing the “Secret Code” feature marks a notable advancement in the app’s security features. This latest update enables users to set a custom password for their locked chats, including the option to use emojis, making these chats accessible only when the secret code is entered in the search bar​​​​​​.

Custom Passwords: A New Layer of Privacy

The unique aspect of the Secret Code feature is its ability to let users create passwords distinct from their device unlock codes. This custom password, which includes letters, numbers, special characters, and emojis, adds an extra layer of privacy. Users can hide the locked chats folder from their chat list, making the chats discoverable only by typing the secret code in the search bar. This innovation aims to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive conversations, especially when others share or access the phone​​​​.

Locked Chats Secret Code

Streamlining Chat Locking

WhatsApp has made the process of locking chats more user-friendly. Now, users can simply long-press a chat to lock it, eliminating the need to navigate through individual chat settings. This streamlined approach enhances the feature’s usability, making it more accessible and efficient for users​​.

Global Availability and Rollout

The rollout of the Secret Code feature has commenced. It is expected to be available to all users globally in the coming months. This gradual rollout ensures a smooth transition and adaptation to the new feature across WhatsApp’s vast user base, which exceeds two billion people worldwide​​​​.

Historical Context: Chat Lock and Encryption

Before this update, WhatsApp had rolled out Chat Lock and end-to-end encryption. Chat Lock, introduced in May, allowed users to lock chats and place them in a separate folder, accessible only with the device password, face ID, or fingerprint. This feature laid the groundwork for the Secret Code update, building on WhatsApp’s ongoing commitment to user privacy and security​​​​.


WhatsApp’s Secret Code feature is a commendable step towards enhancing user privacy and security. The app addresses a crucial aspect of digital privacy by allowing users to set custom passwords for their locked chats. This feature bolsters security and provides a user-friendly approach to managing sensitive conversations. As WhatsApp continues to innovate and improve its features, the focus on privacy remains a crucial aspect of its service.

Whatsapp Elevates Chat Privacy With New Secret Code Feature

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