10 Points About Vikavolt in Pokemon Go

Vikavolt gets a new Fast Attack called Volt Switch during special events.

New Move

Best teams for Vikavolt include bulky teammates like Gligar and Medicham.

Team Up

Best PvP moves for Vikavolt are Volt Switch, Discharge, and X-Scissor.

Moveset Info

Vikavolt is a budget-friendly option for Bug-type raid attackers.

Raid Role

Catch Grubbin and evolve it into Vikavolt using 125 Candy.

How to Get

You have a 4% chance to get a shiny Vikavolt during special events.

Shiny Chance

Vikavolt is strong in the Great and Ultra Leagues.

PvP Strength

Vikavolt has high Attack but average Defense and HP.

PvE Stats

Gets a Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) when using Bug and Electric moves.

Type Bonus

Watch out for Galarian Stunfisk and Shadow Gligar in PvP.