Shocking! 10 Hidden Tech Facts You Don't Know

1. Tech Evolution:

Human progress in technology has been astonishing in the last century.

2. Keyboard Design:

QWERTY keyboards were made to slow down typing, preventing typewriter jams.

3. Water Computer:

The world's first computer in 1936 ran on water, solving differential equations.

4. Mouse Origin:

The first computer mouse was named "X-Y Position Indicator for Display Systems".

5. Wikipedia Bots:

Thousands of bots maintain Wikipedia, handling tasks like spelling corrections.

6. Web Pioneer:

The world's first website, created in 1991, is still accessible today.

7. Apple Apparel:

Apple once ventured into clothing with "The Apple Collection" in 1986.

8. Google's Sale:

In 1999, Google was almost sold to Excite for $750,000 and 1% of Excite.

9. Apple's Policy:

Smoking near Apple products can void their warranties.

10. Whitespace Code:

You can program using only spaces, tabs, and linefeeds with the 'Whitespace' language.