Powerful Rocket

SpaceX's Starship-Super Heavy is the world's most powerful rocket, generating immense heat and pressure during launch, akin to a volcanic eruption.

Launch Impact

The rocket's liftoff was so forceful it blasted a huge hole in the launchpad and scattered debris over a five-mile radius.

Debris Analysis

Researchers collected local debris for analysis, finding it comparable to materials from a volcanic explosion.

Pad Damage

The intense heat and pressure from the Raptor engines cracked the launchpad's concrete, causing significant damage.

Repeat Attempt

Following the explosive end of its first space-bound mission, SpaceX planned a second launch with significant modifications to prevent another eruption-like event.

Rocket Adjustments

SpaceX made thousands of adjustments to the Starship since its first attempt, aiming for a more successful second launch.

Launchpad Upgrade

The launchpad received major upgrades, including a water-cooled steel sandwich and a water deluge system to counteract the heat from the booster.

Concrete Reinforcement

SpaceX reinforced the launchpad with high-strength concrete to prevent future eruptions during launches.

Mission Goals

The Starship is designed for missions to the moon and beyond, with its recent test aiming to reach near-orbit and then splash down off Hawaii.

Space Ambitions

Elon Musk envisions Starship replacing Falcon 9, supporting major NASA missions like Artemis and potentially aiding in Mars colonization.