ISRO's Top 10 Triumphs: India's Stellar Space Achievements!

Chandrayaan 3-2023:

Successful launch targeting Moon's South Pole. And, Successfully landed: August 23, 2023.

104 Satellites:

Launched simultaneously in 2017, setting a world record.

Mars Orbit:

Mangalyaan launched in 2013, reached Mars in 2014, exploring Martian secrets.

Chandrayaan 2008:

India's first lunar mission, discovered water traces on the Moon.

Aryabhatta 1975:

India's first satellite, launched for scientific experiments.

Vikas Engine:

Powers PSLV and GSLV, carried missions like Chandrayan and Mangalyaan.

Global Trust:

Countries like UK, US, and Germany entrusted ISRO with their satellites.

Budget Efficiency:

Chandrayaan-3's ambitious mission operates within a budget of 615 crores.

MOM Instruments:

Equipped with cameras, sensors, and spectrometers to study Mars.

Pioneering Start:

Since 1969, ISRO has been a beacon of space exploration and innovation.