Voice Chat Goes Free on ChatGPT as OpenAI Navigates Leadership Turmoil

In the quickly changing field of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology, Microsoft and OpenAI have experienced favourable and challenging advancements. This article explores the most recent developments, such as filing a new lawsuit against Microsoft and OpenAI, the launch of ChatGPT’s voice chat functionality for mobile users, and the internal turmoil at OpenAI after the resignation of CEO Sam Altman.

Key Takeaways

  • OpenAI and Microsoft Lawsuit: OpenAI and Microsoft are facing a lawsuit alleging misuse of nonfiction authors’ work to train AI models like ChatGPT.
  • ChatGPT Voice Chat Feature: OpenAI has made the previously paid voice chat feature in ChatGPT free for all mobile app users.
  • Sam Altman’s Departure: Sam Altman’s abrupt departure from OpenAI has led to internal turmoil, with most employees threatening to quit.
  • Feature Accessibility: The voice chat feature is limited to mobile app users and offers multiple voice options.
Chatgpt Voice Chat Free For All

Recent Lawsuit Against OpenAI and Microsoft

The Allegations

OpenAI and Microsoft have been sued over claims that they misused nonfiction authors’ works to train their AI models, including ChatGPT. The lawsuit, led by author Julian Sancton, alleges that tens of thousands of nonfiction books were copied without permission to teach OpenAI’s language models. Sancton’s complaint also names Microsoft as a defendant, highlighting the tech giant’s deep involvement in developing these models​​.

Implications for AI Development

This lawsuit is a part of an increasing pattern of legal actions taken against AI businesses for improper use of intellectual property. The resolution of these cases may significantly affect AI research and training going forward.

Recent Lawsuit Against Openai And Microsoft

ChatGPT’s Voice Chat Feature: A New Milestone

Free Access for Mobile Users

OpenAI has significantly updated ChatGPT by offering its voice chat feature free for all mobile app users​​. Previously available only to paying users, this feature allows interactions with ChatGPT through voice commands.

How It Works

To use this feature, users simply click on the headphone icon in the ChatGPT mobile app and select from various voice options like Sky, Ember, Breeze, Juniper, and Cove. The conversation can proceed entirely through voice, with the app recording responses as text​​​​.


This update marks a step forward in making AI technology more accessible and user-friendly. It also reflects OpenAI’s commitment to evolving its offerings despite internal challenges.

Chatgpt Voice Chat Feature

The Aftermath of Sam Altman’s Exit from OpenAI

The Sudden Departure

Sam Altman’s abrupt dismissal as CEO of OpenAI has led to significant unrest within the company. Reports suggest that over 95% of employees have threatened to quit if Altman is not reinstated​​.

Altman’s New Role at Microsoft

After his exit, Microsoft announced that Altman and other former OpenAI employees would join Microsoft to lead a new AI-focused team​​.

Impact on OpenAI

Altman’s departure and the subsequent reactions within OpenAI reflect the complexities and challenges of leadership in fast-growing tech companies, especially in the AI sector.

The Aftermath Of Sam Altman Exit From Openai


The recent developments at OpenAI and Microsoft, from the groundbreaking release of ChatGPT’s voice chat feature to the legal and internal challenges, underscore the AI industry’s dynamic and often unpredictable nature. These events impact the companies involved and have broader implications for the future of AI technology and its integration into our daily lives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Allegations in the Lawsuit Against OpenAI and Microsoft?

The lawsuit alleges that OpenAI and Microsoft improperly used the work of nonfiction authors to train AI models like ChatGPT, copying thousands of books without permission. This raises significant copyright concerns in AI development.

How Has OpenAI’s ChatGPT Voice Chat Feature Changed?

OpenAI has updated ChatGPT by making its voice chat feature free for all mobile app users. This feature allows users to interact with ChatGPT using voice commands, enhancing accessibility and user experience.

What Led to Sam Altman’s Departure from OpenAI?

Sam Altman was abruptly fired from his CEO position at OpenAI, leading to considerable internal turmoil. The reasons cited include inconsistencies in his communications with the board, affecting their decision-making responsibilities.

What Is the Impact of Sam Altman Joining Microsoft?

Sam Altman’s move to Microsoft, where he will lead a new AI-focused team, signifies a significant shift in the AI industry landscape. It underscores Microsoft’s growing investment and interest in AI technology.

How Do Users Access the Free Voice Chat Feature in ChatGPT?

Users can access ChatGPT’s free voice chat feature by clicking the headphone icon in the ChatGPT mobile app. They can choose from different voice options and engage in voice conversations with the AI, recorded as text in the chat.

Voice Chat Goes Free On Chatgpt As Openai Navigates Leadership Turmoil

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