Unlock WhatsApp’s New Privacy Features Now!

WhatsApp is rolling out new privacy features to give users more control over their data and interactions. These features include protecting your IP address during calls and adding an extra layer of security to your chats.

Key Takeaways

  • WhatsApp is introducing a feature to protect your IP address during calls.
  • A new “Advanced” section in the privacy settings will house these features.
  • The new privacy features may affect call quality.
  • These features are currently available to select beta testers.
  • WhatsApp is also revamping its interface for a more modern user experience.
Unlock Whatsapp New Privacy Features Now

In-Depth Analysis

Protecting Your IP Address

One of the standout features is protecting your IP address during calls. This feature makes it difficult for hackers or anyone with malicious intent to determine your location. Routing the call through WhatsApp servers adds an additional layer of security. However, this might have a minor impact on the call quality.

The “Advanced” Section

WhatsApp adds a new ” Advanced ” section to the privacy settings screen. This section will contain options for added security, including the new IP address protection feature. It’s a one-stop-shop for users who want to ramp up their privacy settings.

Call Quality

While these features aim to provide added security, they might affect the call quality slightly. This is due to the encryption and routing operations of a call. But the trade-off seems worth it for the added layer of protection.

Beta Testing

As of now, these features are available to select beta testers. They are expected to roll out to more users in the coming days. So, if you want to try them out, watch for updates.

Interface Revamp

Apart from security features, WhatsApp is also working on revamping its interface. The new look aims to offer a more modern experience with new icons and visual appeal.

Other Notable Features

WhatsApp is not stopping at just these features. They also introduce “Silence Unknown Callers” and “Privacy Checkup” features. These are designed to give you more control over who can call you and guide you through important privacy settings.

Practical Implications

These features are a step in the right direction for anyone concerned about privacy. They offer practical ways to keep your data and interactions secure. However, users should be aware that while these features add security, they may also affect the functionality, such as call quality.


WhatsApp is taking user privacy seriously with its new features. While they are still in beta testing, they promise to give users more control over their data and interactions. It’s a welcome move that will likely be appreciated by its vast user base.

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