The Future of Xbox Revealed: Leaks, New Designs, and More!

Hello, Xbox fans and tech enthusiasts! Today, we will talk about some exciting developments in the world of Xbox. There’s much to cover, from new designs to massive data leaks. So, let’s get started!

New Xbox Series X Design
Credit: Xbox

The New Xbox Series X Design

What’s New?

The Xbox Series X is getting a makeover. The new design is disc-less and has a unique cylindrical shape. This is a mid-generation refresh, and it’s expected to hit the market soon. The new design is not just about looks; it’s also about enhancing the gaming experience.

Why the Change?

Microsoft aims to make the console more compact and efficient. The new design could also be a strategic move to compete with other gaming consoles that are also disc-less.

Massive Data Leak

The Extent of the Leak

In a shocking turn, 38 terabytes of Microsoft data were exposed. This leak included over 30,000 internal Teams messages. The data was accidentally exposed by Microsoft’s AI team and was discovered on the company’s AI GitHub repository.

What Does This Mean?

This leak is significant because it exposed internal communications and could reveal future plans and strategies. However, Microsoft has not yet commented on the impact of this leak.

Handheld Xbox Console

The Leak

Documents submitted to the FTC have revealed plans for a handheld Xbox console. These plans are part of Microsoft’s long-term strategy, with the next-generation Xbox slated for a 2028 release.

Features to Expect

The handheld console could use AMD Zen 6 or ARM with Navi 5 GPU and NPU. This means better graphics and faster processing, making it a strong competitor in the handheld gaming market.

Xbox Console
Credit: Xbox

Xbox 2028: The Hybrid Cloud Platform

The Vision

Microsoft is planning a next-generation hybrid game platform for 2028. This platform aims to combine the client’s and the cloud’s power to deliver a deeper gaming experience.

What’s a Hybrid Cloud Platform?

In simple terms, a hybrid cloud platform uses both local hardware and cloud computing to run games. This allows for more complex and immersive games that can be played seamlessly.

Xbox 2028
Credit: IGN

Next-Gen Console and Controller Design

The Console

The next-gen Xbox console is expected to have an all-new design and features. Codenamed “Brooklin,” this console is part of Microsoft’s future plans.

The Controller

There are also plans for a new controller design. The next-gen controllers are expected to have advanced features, including gyro controls, to enhance the gaming experience.


So there you have it, folks! From new designs to massive leaks, the future of Xbox is shaping up to be exciting. While some of these developments are still in the planning stages, they give us a glimpse into what Microsoft has in store for us. Stay tuned for more updates!

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