Shazam’s Latest Feature: Identifying Music in Apps with Headphones

Apple’s well-known music identification app Shazam has released a ground-breaking update that enables users to identify songs playing in other apps while wearing headphones. This feature, available in the latest version of the app (v17.3), marks a significant enhancement for music lovers and Shazam users worldwide.

Shazam Latest Feature

Enhanced Music Identification Capabilities

Previously, Shazam enabled users to recognise songs playing in apps like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. However, this functionality was limited when headphones were connected. The new update eliminates this restriction, allowing users to identify music seamlessly, whether using wired or Bluetooth headphones. This feature is not limited to Apple-made accessories; it supports third-party headphones as well.

To use this feature, open the Shazam app and look for the headphone icon to confirm the connection. The app then identifies music playing around you or within apps, providing details like the song title, artist, and album. This update is particularly useful in various scenarios, such as discovering a song in a TikTok video or identifying music in a café without removing your headphones.

Integration with Apple Music

Since Apple’s acquisition of Shazam in 2018, the app has been increasingly integrated with Apple Music. This integration offers features like syncing Shazams to your Apple Music library and trialling Apple Music through the app. Users can download Shazam for free from the App Store and access it via the Control Centre or Siri commands on iPhones. It is also compatible with Mac devices.

Shazam’s widgets on the iPhone home screen provide quick access to the app’s features, allowing users to identify songs with just a tap. The app’s powerful algorithms analyse audio quickly, offering accurate and efficient music recognition.


Shazam’s latest update is a game-changer for music identification, especially for users who frequently use headphones. It enhances the user experience by providing a seamless way to discover music in various apps and environments. This update reflects Apple’s commitment to integrating Shazam with its services and improving the app’s functionality.

Shazam Latest Feature Identifying Music In Apps With Headphones

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