Samsung Galaxy S24: Get Ready for a Mind-Blowing Galaxy Unpacked 2024!

Samsung is gearing up to launch its highly anticipated Galaxy S24 series. As per recent leaks and reports, the unveiling is set for January 17, with pre-orders expected to start immediately. This marks an advancement in Samsung’s launch timeline, bringing new and innovative features to the forefront of the smartphone industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Launch Date: The Samsung Galaxy S24 series will be unveiled on January 17.
  • Pre-Order Timeline: Pre-orders for the Galaxy S24 series to start immediately after the launch.
  • Upgrades in RAM: The Galaxy S24+ is confirmed to feature 12GB of RAM, a significant upgrade since 2019.
  • Base Model Specifications: The base Galaxy S24 model might not receive a RAM upgrade, likely retaining 8GB of RAM.
  • Chipset Innovation: The introduction of the Exynos 2400 chipset in the Galaxy S24 and S24+ models.
Samsung Galaxy S24 Unpacked 2024
Credit: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: An In-Depth Look at the Anticipated Launch

Unveiling the Future: The Galaxy S24 Series Launch Date

In a move that sets a new pace in its product release cycle, Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S24 series on January 17. This advancement in the launch schedule aligns with the company’s strategy to stay ahead in the competitive smartphone market​​​​​​.

Pre-Order and Sales Expectations

Samsung plans to open pre-orders for the Galaxy S24 series after the launch. This immediate pre-order availability aligns with Samsung’s approach to capitalising on the initial excitement and demand for their flagship devices​​.

The RAM Revolution: Galaxy S24+ Takes a Leap

The Galaxy S24+ is set to mark a milestone in Samsung’s history by featuring 12GB of RAM, the first for a Galaxy S Plus model since 2019. This upgrade indicates Samsung’s commitment to enhancing performance and multitasking capabilities in its devices​​.

Galaxy S24: Sticking to the Basics?

While the Galaxy S24+ receives a significant RAM boost, the base Galaxy S24 model retains the 8GB RAM configuration. Benchmark listings have indicated no signs of a RAM upgrade for the smallest Galaxy S24 model, hinting at Samsung’s strategy of differentiating the models within the series​​.

Chipset Advancements: The Exynos 2400

Samsung’s technological innovation continues with the Exynos 2400 chipset, which is expected to power many Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ handsets. This new chipset promises improved performance and efficiency, setting a new standard in mobile processing power​​.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Render Design
Credit: OnLeaks & Smartprix


The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is poised to be a significant release in the smartphone market. With advancements in RAM, chipset technology, and an accelerated launch timeline, Samsung is setting the stage for a new era in mobile technology. As the launch date nears, anticipation for the Galaxy S24 series continues to build, promising to bring cutting-edge features and performance to consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Will the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Be Launched?

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is expected to be unveiled on January 17. This launch date marks a significant advancement in Samsung’s product release schedule, offering an early glimpse into their latest smartphone innovations.

Will There Be Any RAM Upgrades in the Galaxy S24 Series?

The Galaxy S24+ model is confirmed to feature a substantial upgrade with 12GB of RAM. However, the base Galaxy S24 model will likely retain the existing 8GB RAM configuration, as benchmark listings indicate.

Can I Pre-Order the Galaxy S24 Series Immediately After Its Launch?

Yes, pre-orders for the Galaxy S24 series will start immediately following the launch event. This quick pre-order availability is part of Samsung’s strategy to capitalise on the initial market excitement.

What Is the Significance of the Exynos 2400 Chipset in the Galaxy S24 Series?

The Exynos 2400 chipset, expected to be used in the Galaxy S24 and S24+ models, represents a leap in processing power and efficiency. This chipset is a testament to Samsung’s ongoing commitment to technological innovation in their flagship devices.

How Does the Galaxy S24 Series Compare to Previous Models?

The Galaxy S24 series, especially with the S24+, shows significant advancements over previous models, particularly regarding RAM capacity and chipset performance. These improvements are part of Samsung’s effort to continuously enhance user experience and device capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Get Ready For A Mind-Blowing Galaxy Unpacked 2024

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