Poco C65: The New Budget Smartphone King? Price, Specs, and More

The Poco C65 has made a grand entry into the budget smartphone market, aiming to offer high-end features at an affordable price. This smartphone is a testament to Poco’s commitment to providing value-packed devices for cost-conscious consumers.

Xiaomi Poco C65 2023

Poco C65: Pricing and Availability

Pricing Details

The Poco C65 is available in multiple variants, catering to different storage needs:

VariantPrice (INR)

Availability and Offers

The smartphone is available exclusively on Flipkart, with sales starting from December 18, 2023. Poco has also announced special offers, including cashback on ICICI Debit and Credit card transactions.

Design and Display

The Poco C65 boasts a sleek design, appealing to users who prefer a modern and stylish look. It features a 6.74-inch HD+ display, offering clear and vibrant visuals. The display’s resolution and size make it ideal for media consumption and gaming.

Performance and Hardware

Chipset and Processing Power

At the heart of the Poco C65 is the MediaTek Helio G85 chipset. This processor is known for its balance of performance and efficiency, making the phone suitable for everyday tasks and moderate gaming.

Memory and Storage Options

Users can choose from three storage variants:

  • 4GB RAM with 128GB storage
  • 6GB RAM with 128GB storage
  • 8GB RAM with 256GB storage

These options provide flexibility for different user needs, from basic to more demanding applications.

Camera Capabilities

Rear Camera Setup

The Poco C65 has a 50MP AI triple rear camera that lets you take great photos and videos. This camera can be used for many different types of photography.

Front Camera for Selfies

The device is equipped with an 8MP front camera for selfies and video calls. This camera ensures clear and detailed images, enhancing the user’s social media presence.

Battery and Charging

The Poco C65 comes with a 5000mAh battery, supporting 18W fast charging. This combination ensures that the phone can last through a day of moderate use and can be quickly recharged.

Software and User Experience

Running on Android, the Poco C65 offers a smooth and user-friendly experience. The software is optimised to provide a seamless interface, enhancing the overall usability of the device.

Connectivity and Additional Features

The smartphone includes essential connectivity features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also has a fingerprint scanner for security and a 3.5mm audio jack for traditional headphone users.

Comparison with Competitors

When you compare the Poco C65 to other similar smartphones, it’s a great choice because it gives you a good balance between features and price. It’s perfect for a budget-friendly smartphone that still works well and takes good pictures. You won’t have to give up important things like performance and camera quality.

Final Thoughts

The Poco C65 is a significant addition to the budget smartphone segment. Its features, performance, and affordability make it an attractive option for many users. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or someone who needs a reliable secondary phone, the Poco C65 is worth considering.

Poco C65 The New Budget Smartphone King Price Specs And More

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