New iPads Coming This Week: What You Need to Know!

Apple is set to refresh its iPad lineup this week. The tech giant plans to unveil updates for the iPad mini, iPad Air, and the entry-level iPad. These updates are expected to feature new chips and minor spec improvements.

Key Takeaways

  • New Chips: The iPad Air will likely get the M2 chip, and the iPad mini is expected to feature the A16 Bionic chip.
  • Minor Updates: No significant design changes are expected; the focus is on internal upgrades.
  • Release Date: The announcements could happen as soon as Tuesday, October 17.
  • Jelly Scrolling: Apple aims to address the “jelly scrolling” issue in the new iPad mini.
  • No Big Event: Apple will announce these updates through its website and YouTube channel press releases.
New Ipads Coming This Week 2023
Credit: Apple

The Lineup

iPad Air

The iPad Air is expected to get a chip upgrade. The new model will likely feature the M2 chip, an upgrade from the current M1 chip. This update comes almost three years after the release of the current-generation iPad Air.

iPad Mini

The iPad mini is also due for an update. The new model is expected to feature the A16 Bionic chip, offering a small improvement over its current A15 Bionic chip. Apple also aims to address the “jelly scrolling” issue, which causes content to appear laggy and choppy.

Entry-Level iPad

The base model iPad was last updated a year ago. While it’s unclear what chip the new model will use, it’s plausible that it will also get the A16 chip, similar to the new iPad mini.

Release Strategy

Apple plans to make these announcements via press releases on its website and YouTube channel. This means there will be a smooth event for these product announcements.

Additional Information

  • Macrumors suggests that Apple has been updating the entry-level iPad annually since 2017.
  • Forbes indicates that the on-sale date could be as early as Friday, November 3.
  • News18 also confirms that new iPads, including the iPad Air and iPad mini, are expected to launch this week.

What’s Next?

The iPad Pro lineup is not expected to see any updates for now. The next-generation models are expected to feature OLED displays and could be ready by next year.


Apple is gearing up to refresh its iPad lineup with new chips and minor spec improvements. While no significant design changes are expected, these updates aim to make the devices faster and more efficient. Keep an eye out for official announcements from Apple this week.

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