Meta’s Game-Changing Move: Paid Verification for Businesses!

The parent company of social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, Meta, is making a big strategic move. Companies using all of its platforms are launching a paid verification method.

Meta Paid Verification For Businesses

The Announcement

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that businesses on Meta platforms would soon have the option to purchase a blue check. This move is not just about the badge; it has exclusive features and support. Earlier, Meta had introduced a similar system for creators, which allowed them to get a blue check and access to features like priority customer support and protection against impersonation.

Pricing and Features

Businesses can opt for verification on Facebook or Instagram for $22 a month or choose a bundled package for both platforms at $35. This pricing is slightly higher than the creator pricing, which ranges from $12 to $15. The testing phase for this new feature on Facebook and Instagram is set to commence in the coming weeks, with WhatsApp joining the fray shortly after.

Businesses that opt for this paid verification will enjoy perks similar to creators. These include enhanced account security features and troubleshooting support. Additionally, verified businesses will gain more visibility in search results on Facebook and Instagram. For those on WhatsApp, they can set up a landing page that’s easily discoverable through web searches. This feature also allows multiple employees to chat with and respond to customers, enhancing customer service.

Comparison with Other Platforms

Meta’s decision to venture into paid verification mirrors changes observed in Elon Musk’s X (previously Twitter). On X, paying subscribers could purchase a blue check for a monthly fee. However, this system faced challenges as users impersonated brands, celebrities, and notable figures using identical blue check marks. X introduced an option to verify paid users through a government ID to counter this.

For Meta’s business verification, there are specific criteria in place. Businesses must meet certain activity and security standards. Moreover, the individual applying for verification must demonstrate their association with the business.

The Bigger Picture

The move to introduce paid verification for businesses is part of a broader trend in the digital space. Platforms continuously seek ways to monetize their features while providing value to their users. By offering enhanced features and support to businesses, Meta is generating revenue and ensuring that businesses get the recognition and support they need to thrive on the platform.

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