Mastering Absol Raids: Essential Tips for Pokémon GO Trainers

In the dynamic world of Pokémon GO, Absol stands out as a noteworthy Tier 3 Raid Boss. Originating from the Hoenn region, this Dark-type Pokémon has captivated players since its introduction in December 2017. With a primary focus on solo tactics, ideal movesets, and counters, this article offers comprehensive guidance on effectively engaging Absol in 3-star raids. As such, it is an invaluable tool for experienced trainers and novices.

Key Takeaways

  • Pokémon Nature: Absol is a Dark-type Pokémon, vulnerable to Bug, Fairy, and Fighting-type attacks.
  • Soloing 3-Star Raids: Players can typically solo Absol in 3-star raids due to its relatively lower HP than legendary raid bosses.
  • Optimal Counters: Effective counters include Pokémon with Fairy, Bug, and Fighting-type moves, such as Shadow or Mega Gardevoir, Xerneas, and Terrakion.
  • Moveset Recommendations: For PvE, Snarl and Dark Pulse are recommended; for PvP, combinations like Snarl, Dark Pulse, and Thunder are effective.
  • Event Features: Special events like Fashion Week 2023 offer unique opportunities to capture themed Absols, including shiny variants.
  • Team Composition: A balanced team with strong Fairy-type attackers and secondary choices like Mega Blaziken or Lucario enhances success chances.
  • Absol’s Stats: Has a maximum CP of 2856 at level 50, with an attack stat of 246 but lower defence and stamina.
  • Preparation: Ensure enough Max Revives are available for efficient team management during solo raids.
Mastering Absol Raids Pokemon Go

Comprehensive Guide on Soloing Absol in Pokémon GO Raids

Understanding Absol’s Nature and Vulnerabilities

Absol, a pure Dark-type Pokémon, is susceptible to Bug, Fairy, and Fighting-type moves. Its dark blue face, catlike muzzle, and unique horn make it a visually striking opponent in Pokémon GO. While not overly bulky, Absol can pose a significant challenge, requiring a strategic approach and the right counters to defeat, especially in solo play​​​​​​.

Best Movesets for Absol

For trainers looking to utilise Absol in their battles, the ideal movesets vary depending on the context. In PvE (Player vs. Environment) battles, a Dark-type moveset of Snarl and Dark Pulse is most beneficial, especially against Ghost and Psychic-type enemies. In PvP (Player vs. Player) scenarios, more diverse movesets are recommended, such as Snarl, Dark Pulse, and Thunder, or an alternative combination of Snarl, Thunder, and Megahorn​​.

Top Counters and Strategies for 3-Star Raids

When engaging Absol in 3-star raids, players should focus on assembling a team with potent counters. Shadow or Mega Gardevoir, Xerneas, Shadow Granbull, Togekiss, Primarina, and Sylveon are among the best Fairy-type attackers for this purpose. If a team composed entirely of high-level Fairies isn’t feasible, filling the gaps with Pokémon like Terrakion, Mega Blaziken, Pheromosa, Mega Pinsir, Shadow Machamp, Lucario, Shadow Scizor, and Volcarona is advisable​​​​​​.

Preparation and Resource Management

An essential aspect of solo raiding is efficient resource management. Ensuring an ample supply of Max Revives is crucial to avoid time wastage in separately reviving and healing team members. This preparation allows for sustained offensive pressure and minimises resource depletion during the raid​​.

Event-Specific Opportunities

Pokémon GO events like Fashion Week 2023 offer unique opportunities to encounter and capture special versions of Absol, such as those wearing sunglasses, with a chance to meet shiny variants. These events add an exciting dimension to the game, providing trainers with rare and distinctive versions of Absol to add to their collections​​.

Absol Pokemon Go
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Soloing Absol in Pokémon GO 3-star raids is a rewarding challenge that requires a well-thought-out strategy, optimal counters, and efficient resource management. By understanding Absol’s vulnerabilities, selecting the right Pokémon and movesets, and being prepared with the necessary resources, trainers can defeat this formidable foe and add it to their collection, especially during special events that offer unique variants of this intriguing Dark-type Pokémon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best types of Pokémon to use against Absol in raids?

The most effective Pokémon types against Absol are Bug, Fairy, and Fighting. These types exploit Absol’s vulnerabilities as a Dark-type Pokémon, allowing for more effective damage during raids.

Can Absol be soloed in a 3-star raid?

Absol can typically be soloed in a 3-star raid due to its lower HP compared to 5-star raid bosses. However, this requires a well-prepared team and strategic use of counters.

What is Absol’s maximum CP in Pokémon GO?

Absol’s maximum CP in Pokémon GO is 2856 at level 50. This high CP and solid attack stat makes Absol a formidable opponent in raids.

Are there any special versions of Absol available in Pokémon GO?

Yes, special events like Fashion Week 2023 offer unique versions of Absol, such as those wearing sunglasses, and there are chances to encounter shiny variants.

What is the optimal moveset for using Absol in PvP battles?

In PvP battles, a diverse moveset is recommended for Absol. Combinations like Snarl, Dark Pulse, and Thunder, or Snarl, Thunder, and Megahorn, are effective, offering a balance of attack types and coverage against various opponents.

Mastering Absol Raids Essential Tips For Pokemon Go Trainers

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