The iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Issue: What Apple Is Doing About It

The iPhone 15 Pro has been making headlines, but not for the reasons Apple would like. Users have been reporting that their new devices are getting too hot to handle. This article aims to shed light on the issue, what’s causing it, and what steps are being taken to fix it.

Apple Iphone 15 Pro Overheating

The Problem: Overheating iPhones

What Users Are Saying

Owners of the iPhone 15 Pro have been vocal about their concerns. Many have taken to social media and Apple’s support forums to share their experiences. The issue is so widespread that one post on Apple’s forum received over 2,000 “me too” responses. Users complain that the phone becomes hot enough to be felt through cases and even too hot to hold.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Various tests have been conducted to measure the temperature of the overheating iPhones. The Wall Street Journal found that the iPhone 15 Pro Max hit 112 degrees during a high-use test. YouTube technology channels have also reported temperatures reaching over 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Causes: Software and Design

Software Bugs

Apple has acknowledged that a software bug in iOS 17 is partly to blame for the overheating issue. The company is working on an update to fix this problem. In addition, some third-party apps are also causing the system to overload, contributing to the heat issue.

Design Factors

While some speculated that the new titanium frame could be the culprit, Apple has dismissed this theory. Instead, the company points to software bugs and third-party apps as the primary causes.

The Solutions: Updates and Fixes

Apple’s Response

Apple has announced that it will release a software update to address the overheating problem. The company is also working with third-party app developers to roll out fixes.

What Users Can Do

While waiting for the update, Apple assures users that no safety issues should prevent them from using their devices. The company has also provided guidelines on handling a device that gets too hot.

The Impact: Sales and Reputation

Sales Concerns

The overheating issue could affect iPhone sales, which have already declined. Apple has faced three consecutive quarters of year-over-year declines in overall sales.

Reputation at Stake

This isn’t the first time Apple has faced launch issues. Past models like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 6 had their own sets of problems. However, how Apple handles the current situation could have long-term implications for its reputation.


The iPhone 15 Pro overheating issue is a significant concern for Apple and its users. While software updates are in the works, the problem has damaged Apple’s reputation and could impact sales. Users are advised to watch for updates and follow Apple’s guidelines for handling an overheating device.

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