Introducing the New PS5 Slim: Everything You Need to Know

Sony is set to release new versions of its PlayStation 5 (PS5) console, including a slim model. These new models are expected to be lighter, more compact, and have extra storage options. This article will provide you with all the details you need to know about these upcoming releases.

Key Takeaways

  • Sony is releasing new PS5 models, including a slim version.
  • The new models will be lighter and more compact.
  • Extra storage options are available.
  • The slim model will retail for $449, while the base model will cost $499.
  • A disc drive kit can be added to the Digital Edition for $79.
Sony Playstation 5 Slim 2023
Credit: PlayStation

The New Models: What to Expect

Sony has announced two new models of the PS5, set to release in November 2023. These models are slimmer than the original PS5 and have additional USB ports. They also offer 1 TB of internal storage, providing more room for your favourite games.

Design and Build

The new PS5 models have been redesigned to be more compact. They are expected to be lighter, making fitting into your entertainment setup easier. The slim model, in particular, is designed for those who prefer a more streamlined look.

Storage Options

One of the significant upgrades in these new models is the storage capacity. Both models will come with 1 TB of internal storage, allowing you to store more games and media. This is a welcome addition, considering the increasing size of modern games.

Price and Availability

The slim model will retail for $449, while the base model with an optical media disc drive will cost $499. For those who opt for the Digital Edition, a disc drive kit can be added for an additional $79, making it functionally the same as the base model.

Sony Playstation 5 Slim 2023 Assembly Parts
Credit: PlayStation

Comparing the New Models

When it comes to choosing between the new models, your decision may hinge on several factors:

  • Price: The slim model is cheaper but lacks a disc drive.
  • Storage: Both models offer 1 TB of internal storage.
  • Design: The slim model is more compact and ideal for smaller spaces.

The Evolution of PS5

The original PS5 was released in November 2020 and has become one of the most popular gaming consoles. It features a solid-state drive for high-speed data streaming, an AMD GPU capable of 4K resolution display, and hardware-accelerated ray tracing for realistic lighting and reflections.

The new models are expected to maintain these features while offering a more compact design and additional storage options. This shows Sony’s commitment to evolving its gaming consoles to meet the needs of modern gamers.

Sony Playstation 5 Slim 2023 With Controller
Credit: PlayStation

Final Thoughts

The new PS5 models are an exciting addition to Sony’s gaming lineup. With a more compact design, additional storage options, and a slightly lower price point for the slim model, these new releases will surely attract new and existing PS5 fans.

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