Honor Magic6 Pro: Redefining Smartphone Photography with 160MP Lens

The Honor Magic6 Pro is gaining attention in the smartphone market due to its advanced camera system. We will see the features and capabilities of the new device, with a particular emphasis on its camera technology.


  • Honor Magic6 Pro features a groundbreaking 160-megapixel periscope telephoto lens.
  • Incorporates the innovative OmniVision OV50K sensor.
  • It offers a variable aperture mechanism and 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) face recognition technology.
Honor Magic6 Pro 160Mp Lens

Honor Magic6 Pro Camera: A Technological Marvel

The Powerhouse Camera System

The Honor Magic6 Pro’s camera system is a marvel of modern technology. At its core is the OmniVision OV50K sensor, a domestically produced 1-inch sensor. This sensor stands out for its LOFIC technology, making it a strong competitor against renowned sensors like the Sony IMX989 and LYT-900.

Key Features:

  • 160-megapixel Periscope Telephoto Lens: A first in the industry, offering unparalleled photo detail.
  • Variable Aperture Mechanism: Adapts to shooting conditions, enhancing sensor performance.
  • 3D ToF Face Recognition: Inspired by the Huawei Mate 60, it offers practical, long-distance face recognition.

Front-Facing Camera Innovations

The Honor Magic6 Pro doesn’t just excel with its rear camera. The front-facing camera has advanced 3D ToF technology, ensuring a seamless and secure facial recognition experience.


  • Long-Distance Recognition: Can recognise faces from further away.
  • A High Refresh Rate: Guarantees a seamless user experience.
Honor Magic6 Pro Camera Set-Up

Design and Display

The Magic6 series, including the standard and Pro versions, features a centred dual-hole quad-curved screen. The design is reminiscent of the Magic5 series, with a near-circular camera deco and a lens arrangement similar to the Huawei Mate X5.

The Impact on Smartphone Photography

The Honor Magic6 Pro is set to redefine smartphone photography. Its combination of high-resolution sensors, innovative aperture mechanism, and advanced face recognition technology positions it as a leader in the market.

Camera Specifications:

  • Sensor: OmniVision OV50K, 1-inch
  • Telephoto Lens: 160-megapixel periscope
  • Aperture: Variable

Front Camera Features:

  • Technology: 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF)
  • Recognition Distance: Long-range
  • Refresh Rate: High


The Honor Magic6 Pro is a testament to the advancements in smartphone camera technology. Its innovative features and powerful camera system make it a significant player in the industry, promising an exceptional photography experience.

Honor Magic6 Pro Redefining Smartphone Photography With 160Mp Lens

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