Google Bids Farewell to Play Movies & TV on Android TV

In a move that has been anticipated for some time, Google has officially announced the discontinuation of its Play Movies & TV app on Android TV. Set to take effect on October 5, 2023, this decision is part of Google’s broader strategy to streamline its services and provide a more cohesive user experience.

Google Bids Farewell To Play Movies &Amp; Tv On Android Tv
Credit: Ars Technica

The tech giant’s decision to phase out Play Movies & TV is not an isolated incident. Over the years, Google has been gradually rebranding and consolidating its media services. The company has been trying to simplify its offerings, from transforming Google Play Music into YouTube Music to the evolution of Google Play Newsstand into Google News.

A Look Back

Google Play used to be where you could get music, movies, TV shows, and apps, but now its services have been renamed or added to other platforms. The vision that began with rebranding the Android Market into the Google Play Store in 2012 has undergone significant changes. While the Play Store once boasted a unified interface for apps, music, books, movies, TV, and even hardware, the landscape has shifted dramatically over the past decade.

What’s Next for Users?

While the Play Movies & TV app is being retired, users need not worry about losing access to their purchased content. All movies and TV shows will be accessible through the Shop tab on Android TV. Additionally, users can continue to purchase or rent new content through this tab or platforms like YouTube. The transition has already occurred for those using newer Google TV devices, such as the Chromecast, with the Google TV app replacing Play Movies & TV.

The Bigger Picture

Google’s decision is reflective of a broader industry trend. Companies are constantly evolving to meet user expectations and streamline services. Apple, for instance, has segmented its iTunes platform into distinct services like Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Books. As technology and user preferences evolve, so do the platforms and services tech giants offer.


While some users may lament the loss of the familiar Play Movies & TV app, the move is a testament to Google’s commitment to providing a seamless and integrated user experience. As technology evolves, we can expect further changes and innovations from industry leaders.

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