Google Maps for Android Gets a Weather Makeover!

Google Maps is finally introducing a local weather feature for Android users. This feature has been available for iOS users for nearly four years. Android users can also benefit from real-time weather updates within the Google Maps app.

Key Takeaways

  • Real-Time Weather: Android users can now view real-time weather information within Google Maps.
  • iOS First: This feature has been available for iOS users for nearly four years.
  • Air Quality and Forecast: The feature also shows air quality and weather forecasts for the next few hours.
  • Material You UI: Google has also updated the weather UI in its Google app, especially for Pixel users.
  • Standalone Weather App: Google is rumoured to work on a standalone weather app for Android.
Google Maps For Android Gets A Weather Makeover
Credit: Business Insider India

The Feature in Detail

What Does It Offer?

The new feature in Google Maps for Android displays real-time weather information based on the location you are viewing. It appears as a tile in the search chips carousel. When you tap on it, a new window shows the air quality at the location and the weather forecast for the next few hours.

Why Now?

It’s interesting to note that this feature has been available for iOS users for quite some time. Google is now introducing it for Android users almost four years later. This move is part of Google’s broader focus on integrating weather updates across all its devices and apps.

Material You UI

Google has also updated the weather UI within its Google app. This new look is part of the Material You design and is rolling out to all Pixel phones. The update also includes data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s sensor systems for more accuracy.

Standalone Weather App

There are rumours that Google is working on a standalone weather app for Android. This app would make it easier to access weather information without going into the Google app. It could also enable other apps like Google Clock to access weather data for additional features.

Google Maps Updated With Weather Info
Credit: Google News Telegram

Practical Implications

Safety First

Having immediate access to weather data can be crucial for many people. It helps them avoid severe weather conditions and makes their journeys safer.

User Experience

Users will find that the newly added feature significantly improves their experience by frequently providing valuable information within a navigation app they rely on. The feature enhances the app’s functionality and offers users a more intuitive and informative navigation experience.

Future Developments

Google is expected to continue investing in this area, especially given the increasing frequency and severity of weather events.

Final Thoughts

The introduction of the local weather feature in Google Maps for Android is a welcome addition. It makes the app more functional and closely aligns it with its iOS counterpart. As Google continues to focus on delivering weather updates across its ecosystem, we can expect more integrated and user-friendly experiences in the future.

Google Maps Added Weather Data

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