Google’s AI-Powered Search: A New Era for India and Japan

Google’s technological advancements never cease to amaze. Recently, the tech giant rolled out its AI-powered search experience in India and Japan, marking a significant leap in search capabilities. This article delves into the nuances of this new feature, its implications, and its reception in the two countries.

Google Generative Ai Search
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The AI-Powered Search Experience

A dedicated area at the top of the search results page is where Google’s new generative AI-powered search experience will respond to complex queries. This feature differs from Google Bard, the company’s standalone AI chatbot. The generative AI in Google Search provides answers that include links to sources, ensuring users receive credible information.

The US has well-received the generative AI experience since its first launch. Users have found the AI-powered overviews helpful, and the feature has opened up new avenues for Google to assist its users. The generative AI experience is still experimental, but Google prioritises approaches that drive traffic to relevant websites.

Localised Features for India and Japan

The AI-powered search experience offers localised features for users in India and Japan. In India, users can toggle between English and Hindi, catering to the country’s multilingual population. Additionally, Indian users can listen to the responses, a feature tailored to their local preferences.

In Japan, users can access the feature in their local language, ensuring a seamless experience. Google plans to roll out a chevron icon for its Search Generative Experience (SGE), opening a carousel of relevant web pages and further enhancing the user experience.

The Youth’s Perspective

Interestingly, the highest satisfaction scores for using SGE come from younger users, specifically those aged 18–24. This demographic enjoys the conversational aspect of the feature, which allows them to ask follow-up questions more naturally. The generative AI in Search has empowered users to ask questions they might not have considered before, showcasing the vast potential of this technology.

The Indian Perspective

In India, the Search with Generative AI experiment aims to simplify and make search smarter. The feature will be available in English and Hindi, with a text-to-speech option for many new Internet users in the country. A voice search feature is also in the pipeline.

Puneesh Kumar, GM for Search, highlighted that the generative AI in search allows users to ask new questions. This feature is especially beneficial for new Internet users who might feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of online information.


Google’s AI-powered search experience enhances user experience with relevant information. As this feature becomes more widespread, it’s clear that the future of search is here, and it’s more intelligent than ever.

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