Change the Way You Design with Adobe’s Generative Match!

Adobe, a leading name in digital software, has recently introduced a new feature called Generative Match. This feature is part of Adobe Firefly, an AI art generator. Generative Match is designed to create new images, illustrations, and designs based on the art style of an uploaded image.

Key Takeaways

  • Generative Match identifies the unique art style of an uploaded image.
  • It allows users to upload multiple images for more personalized results.
  • The feature has applications beyond graphic design, including branding and content creation.
  • Adobe aims to automate image generation for big brands across various platforms.
  • Generative Match is part of Adobe Firefly, which was launched in March.
Adobe Generative Match In Adobe Firefly
Credit: The Adobe Blog

What is Generative Match?

Generative Match is a feature that sets Adobe Firefly apart from traditional AI generators. Unlike other AI tools that rely solely on text prompts, Generative Match allows users to upload up to 20 images. These images serve as a source of inspiration for the AI, leading to more nuanced and personalized output.

How Does It Work?

The feature identifies the distinct art style of an uploaded image and uses that style to generate new images. For example, suppose you upload an image of a tree with green leaves. In that case, the AI can generate a new image that mirrors the original in terms of colour, aesthetics, and art style.

Applications in Various Fields


Adobe sees Generative Match as a powerful tool for branding. During a demonstration, the company used an image of a tree with green leaves as a style reference. The AI then generated an image of a woman’s silhouette, transformed into a unique symbol that mirrored the original image’s aesthetics.

Content Creation

Generative Match is also useful for bloggers, social media managers, and writers. The AI can generate themed images and illustrations by providing simple reference images like pumpkins or spider webs. This makes it easier to create themed content, such as a Halloween-inspired dress.

Automation for Big Brands

According to a report by Reuters, Adobe aims to enable big brands to upload a few product or character photos and leverage generative technology to produce hundreds or even thousands of images automatically. These images can be used across various platforms, including websites, social media campaigns, and print advertisements.

Reviews and Public Opinion

Several tech blogs and news outlets have covered Adobe’s Generative Match. Websites like The Verge and CineD have published reviews, offering a thorough overview of its capabilities. The general consensus is that while the feature could be better-perfect, it promises future improvements.


Adobe’s Generative Match in Adobe Firefly is a revolutionary feature that can change the landscape of AI-driven design. Its ability to generate personalized and nuanced images based on an uploaded reference makes it a versatile tool for various applications, from branding to content creation.

Change The Way You Design With Adobe Generative Match

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