boAt Lunar Tigon: A Smartwatch Blending Style with Tech at an Affordable Price

Recently introduced to the Indian market, the boAt Lunar Tigon smartwatch is notable for its numerous features and reasonable price. This device, which will go on sale on November 30, 2023, combines appearance and practicality to appeal to a broad spectrum of customers.

Key Takeaways

  1. Affordable Pricing: The boAt Lunar Tigon is priced under Rs 3,000, offering two variants: Ocean Ridge and Metallic Milanese.
  2. Availability: Available on Amazon India and the official boAt website from November 30.
  3. Display Features: It has a 1.45-inch AMOLED screen that is 600 nits bright and has a 466 × 466 pixels resolution.
  4. Health and Fitness Tracking: Includes heart rate monitor, SpO2 tracker, menstrual cycle tracker, and supports over 100 sports modes.
  5. Connectivity and Battery: Offers Bluetooth calling support, voice control, and up to 7 days of battery life on a single charge.
  6. Durability: Comes with an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance.
  7. Design Options: Available in Active Black, Steel Black, Metal Gold, and Deep Blue colours with customisable watch faces.
Boat Lunar Tigon

The boAt Lunar Tigon merges style with functionality, featuring a sleek design and a round dial. Its lightweight 50g body and a blend of metal and plastic make it elegant and practical. The smartwatch’s display is a key highlight, with its sharp and vibrant AMOLED screen ensuring an immersive visual experience​​​​​​.

Features Beyond Boundaries: A Technological Marvel

The Lunar Tigon excels in connectivity and health monitoring. It supports Bluetooth calling, allowing users to make and receive calls directly from the wrist. The built-in microphone and speaker enhance communication and support voice assistants for hands-free operation. Health features include heart rate monitoring, SpO2 tracking, menstrual cycle predictions, and sleep insights. The watch also offers guided breathing exercises for stress management​​​​​​.

Unleash Your Active Side: Sports Modes Galore

Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the over 100 Lunar Tigon sports modes. It automatically recognises eight sports modes, providing accurate data on various activities. This makes it an ideal companion for various physical activities, from traditional workouts to sports like cricket and yoga​​​​.

Boat Lunar Tigon In Copy

Resilience Redefined: Water-Resistant and Feature-Rich

Lunar Tigon’s IP67 rating suits most activities, barring swimming or deep dives. It offers a range of features beyond health and fitness, including sedentary alerts, camera control, live cricket scores, music control, weather updates, and more. It also features a ‘Find My Phone’ function for added convenience​​​​.

Seamless Compatibility: Bridging Platforms

The Lunar Tigon is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and runs on a proprietary operating system. The intuitive boAt Wear application enables customised configurations, firmware upgrades, and smooth data syncing between the smartwatch and smartphone.

Power that Lasts: Battery Life and Charging

With a single charge, the 230mAh battery of the smartwatch may last up to seven days of use. The magnetic charger can be fully charged in about two hours and has a power-saving mode.

Price and Availability: Your Gateway to Connectivity

Priced at Rs. 2,899 for the Ocean Ridge strap and Rs. 2,999 for the metallic strap variant, the boAt Lunar Tigon is available in multiple colours. It provides unbeatable value for money and is backed by a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.


The boAt Lunar Tigon smartwatch blends style, functionality, and affordability. Despite some limitations like call volume and water resistance, its wide range of features, sleek design, and competitive pricing make it a valuable choice for those seeking an innovative and connected lifestyle.

Boat Lunar Tigon A Smartwatch Blending Style With Tech At An Affordable Price

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