Best Silent Mixer Grinders in India [2024]

Looking for the most silent and best silent mixer grinders in India for 2024? You’re in the right place. In our homes, silent mixer grinders, especially those in India, are vital. But often, they’re too loud.

Luckily, modern grinders blend tradition and silence beautifully. With them, cooking becomes peaceful.

Read on! This guide will show you the most silent and best quiet grinders for your kitchen in 2024.

Best Silent Mixer Grinders In India

Mixer GrindersSpecial FeaturesCheck Price
Philips Hl7777/00 Silent Mixer Grinder
  • Built-In Grinder
  • Intelli-Speed Technology
  • Soft Sound Technology
Philips Hl1643/04 Silent Mixer Grinder
Philips HL1643/04
  • Super Silent Motor
  • Stable Operation
  • Lift and Grind Blades
Platinagold Venue Silent Mixer Grinder
Platinagold Venue
  • Powerful Motor
  • Low Noise
  • Easy Cleaning
Havells Silencio Silent Mixer Grinder
Havells Silencio
  • HVDC Technology
  • Slow Speed Grinding
  • Double Layer Insulation

Why Opt for a Silent Mixer Grinder?

The Advantages of Silence in Kitchen Appliances

Silent mixer grinders, particularly soundless mixer grinders in India, have revolutionized modern kitchens. Let’s explore why:

  1. Peaceful Cooking Atmosphere: Nobody likes a noisy kitchen; everyone prefers a silent mixer grinder with no sound. It’s distracting and can disturb the entire household. Silent mixers keep your kitchen calm, even during the busiest cooking hours.
  2. Improved Concentration: Have you ever tried following a recipe with a loud mixer running in the background? It takes work. A quieter grinder means fewer distractions.
  3. Healthier Living: Loud noises, especially from mixers, can lead to increased stress levels. That’s why a less sound mixer grinder in India is preferred. By reducing the noise in our environment, we’re taking a step towards healthier living.

Usability and Performance without the Noise

A common myth is that silent mixer grinders aren’t as powerful. Let’s bust that myth:

Performance of Regular vs. Silent Mixer Grinders

FeatureRegular Mixer GrinderSilent Mixer Grinder
Grinding EfficiencyEfficientEfficient
Noise Level (dB)85-90 dB60-70 dB
LifespanAverageOften Longer (due to better build quality)

As the table shows, silent mixer grinders don’t compromise on performance. Whether it’s a soundless mixer or a silent mixie, they deliver efficient grinding, similar to their noisier counterparts. The key difference? They do it quietly.

Protecting Our Ears

Prolonged exposure to loud noises can harm our hearing. Here’s why silent mixer grinders are a step in the right direction:

  • Lower Decibel Levels: Unlike regular mixers that operate at 85-90 dB, the low noise and soundless mixer grinders in India operate at a much more comfortable range.
  • Reduced Noise Pollution: In crowded urban areas, noise reduction helps. We contribute to a quieter, more serene living environment by choosing quieter appliances.

Top Best Silent Mixer Grinders in India for 2024

1. PHILIPS HL7777/00

Philips Hl7777/00

The PHILIPS HL7777/00 is a noiseless mixer grinder and a great tool for the kitchen. Made by Philips, a top brand we all know, this grinder shows that powerful kitchen tools can be quiet, too.

Let’s talk about its Smart One-Touch Mode. This cool feature lets you use the grinder easily with just one touch. So, if you like things simple, this is perfect for you. Plus, there’s a digital screen that makes changing the settings a breeze.

Noise can be a big problem with many mixers, but there are ways on how to reduce mixer grinder noise, and one solution is opting for silent mixers. But this Philips grinder has tackled that. It offers a big 50% drop in noise. This is thanks to the Soft Sound Technology it uses. So, with this grinder, your kitchen stays peaceful.

Next, there’s the Intelli-speed Technology. This means the mixer adjusts itself for different jobs. Whether grinding tough spices or whipping a dip, it all goes smoothly. And, with its powerful 750W Turbo Torque Motor, it works even better.

A big plus is the Built-In Grinder. This means you don’t need another machine for grinding. The grinder also comes with four different jars. It has them all, from a big 1.5L jar to a small 0.5L one.

In terms of looks and strength, this grinder is top-notch. It’s made of a strong material called ABS. And the Metallic Silver and Bold Black colours make it look elegant.

Lastly, cleaning this grinder is super easy. Why? Because the jars are dishwasher-safe. Also, the 2-year warranty shows that Philips trusts their product.


  • Smart One-Touch Mode: Use with just one touch.
  • 50% Drop in Noise: Makes the grinder quiet.
  • Digital Screen: Helps you set it up easily.
  • Intelli-speed Technology: Adjusts for different jobs.
  • Soft Sound Technology: Keeps noise very low.
  • Built-In Grinder: No need for another machine.
  • Big Capacity: Comes with four jars for different needs.


  • Really quiet.
  • Has its own grinder.
  • Four different jar sizes.
  • Easy-to-use digital screen.
  • It’s strong and looks good.
  • Jars are easy to clean.


  • It may be big.
  • There are only three-speed choices.
  • Few colour options.

2. Philips HL1643/04

Philips Hl1643/04

The Philips HL1643/04 is not just a mixer grinder but a perfect silent mixer for today’s kitchens. What makes it special? Well, it does its job without making a lot of noise. Most mixers are noisy, but this one isn’t. That’s a big win for homes that value peace.

Safety is a top concern for many of us. Thankfully, this mixer thinks of that, too. If you accidentally overload it, it will shut off on its own. So, it’s safe and will last longer.

Now, let’s talk about how well it grinds. It’s got sharp blades that move to give even grinding. Its unique jars ensure things don’t stick to the sides. This means smoother results every time.

Ease of use? Philips has got you covered. This mixer has three-speed options to pick from. So, depending on what you’re mixing, you can choose the best speed. And after you’re done, cleaning is a breeze.

Lastly, this mixer is built to last. It’s made from strong materials. So it will break slowly.


  1. Quiet Motor: This 600W motor only makes a little noise.
  2. Safe to Use: It shuts off if overloaded, protecting the motor.
  3. Even Grinding: Its blades and jars work together for smooth results.
  4. Easy Speed Choices: You can pick from three speeds.
  5. Simple to Use and Clean: It’s user-friendly and easy to wash.
  6. Strong Build: It’s made from quality stuff, so it’ll last.


  • It’s quiet but strong.
  • Safety features are great.
  • Grinding is smooth and even.
  • Using and cleaning is simple.
  • Built to last a long time.
  • Good for many grinding needs.


  • Only three-speed options.
  • Only a few colour choices.
  • Comes with just one component.
  • It might be too big for some.
  • Needs electricity to work.
  • Made only in India.

3. Platinagold Venue

Platinagold Venue

The PLATINAGOLD Mixer Grinder Venue is a handy kitchen tool. It’s built to work quietly, so it won’t make much noise when you use it. Plus, it has a strong motor of 1200 watts, so it can grind many things easily.

This mixer comes with four different jars. So, you can use it for many tasks in the kitchen. The blades inside are made of stainless steel. This means they are strong and will last a long time. There’s also a knob on the front. This knob lets you control the speed and how the mixer works. Another good thing is that this mixer doesn’t make much noise, which keeps your kitchen calm.

When you finish using it, cleaning is simple. Also, many people say they get good value for their price. It looks colourful and can fit in most kitchens. Even though you can’t wash it in a dishwasher, it’s still easy to clean by hand.


  • Silent Operation: It works without making much noise.
  • Powerful Motor: It has a strong 1200-watt motor.
  • Four Jars: You get four jars for different jobs.
  • Stainless Steel Blades: Strong blades for better grinding.
  • Knob Control: Easy-to-use knob on the front.
  • Low Noise: It keeps the kitchen peaceful.
  • Easy to Clean: It’s simple to wash after using.
  • Value for Money: Many people think it’s worth the price.


  • Works quietly.
  • Has four useful jars.
  • Blades are strong.
  • The control knob is user-friendly.
  • Cleaning is simple.
  • Good price for what you get.


  • Need help cleaning in a dishwasher.
  • Has only three speeds.
  • Colours might not match all kitchens.
  • Works only on 230 Volts.
  • The warranty is just for 2 years.
  • Only one jar size is available.

4. Havells Silencio

Havells Silencio

The “Havells Silencio” is a new kind of mixer grinder. Most mixers make a lot of noise. But this one is different. It’s quiet. This is great news for people who want peace in the kitchen. Today, we all want gadgets that are easy to use. This mixer fits right in.

First off, the Low Noise Operation is a big win. Most old mixers make a lot of noise. This one doesn’t. So, it’s great for a calm kitchen.

The HVDC Technology helps with this. This means the mixer works better and is still quiet. This technology also makes sure the mixer lasts a long time.

Another cool thing is the Double Layer Insulated Jar Technology. This means the jars don’t get hot on the outside. So they are safe to touch. This feature also helps in making the mixer more silent.

Next up is the LED Display with Touch Control. This is a modern touch. It shows different things like service needs or if the mixer is too full. This makes the mixer easy to use.

Safety is important. The Havells Silencio knows this. It has a safe jar and lid system. This keeps users safe when they use the mixer.

The Slow Speed Grinding is another nice feature. Some people like their food to be just right. This feature makes sure of that. The food keeps its taste and health benefits.

Lastly, the Triple Motor Protection means the mixer is built to last. It has a special cooling system and protection from getting too full. This makes sure the mixer works well for a long time.


  1. Quiet when it works.
  2. Has HVDC Technology.
  3. Jars stay cool to the touch.
  4. Has a modern LED display.
  5. It’s safe to use.
  6. Grinds food slowly.
  7. Built to last a long time.


  • Very quiet.
  • Works very well.
  • Keeps users safe.
  • Easy to understand LED display.
  • Keeps food tasty and healthy.
  • Lasts a long time.


  • Can’t wash in dishwasher.
  • Warranty lasts only 2 years.
  • Comes in only one colour.
  • A bit heavy.
  • Works on only one voltage.
  • Uses a knob, not buttons.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Silent Mixer Grinder

Understanding Decibel Levels

Understanding decibel levels is key when hunting for a silent mixer grinder.

  • What is a Decibel (dB)? It’s a unit that measures sound. The higher the dB, the louder the noise.
  • Ideal Decibel Levels for Home Appliances
  1. Refrigerator: 40-50 dB
  2. Air Conditioner: 50-60 dB
  3. Regular Mixer Grinder: 85-90 dB
  4. Silent Mixer Grinder: 60-70 dB

From the list, it’s clear that a silent mixer grinder falls within the comfortable sound range for home appliances.

Motor Power and Efficiency

Power is just as important as silence. Here’s why:

  • Strong Motor: A powerful motor ensures your grinder can easily handle tough ingredients.
  • Consistency: High power usually means more consistent results. You’ll get a smooth blend every time, whether it’s spices, nuts, or dough.
  • Efficiency: Powerful motors often finish the job faster, saving time and energy.

Tip: Look for mixers with at least 500 watts for the best results.

Durability and Brand Reputation

A silent mixer grinder is an investment. Here’s how to ensure it lasts:

  • Build Quality: Always check the materials used. Stainless steel blades and robust plastic bodies tend to last longer.
  • Brand Reputation: Research and read reviews for quality brand recommendations.
  • Warranty: A longer warranty indicates a company’s confidence in its product.

Additional Features and Attachments

Modern mixers come with more than just grinding:

  • Safety Features: Look for mixers with features like auto shut-off, anti-slip feet, and safety locks.
  • Jar Options: More jars mean more functionality. Some mixers come with separate jars for wet and dry grinding.
  • Multipurpose Functionalities: Some mixers can also knead dough or chop vegetables. These added features can be a big bonus.

How to Maintain Your Silent Mixer Grinder

Regular Cleaning Habits

Your mixer grinder can serve you for years, but only with proper cleaning. Let’s break down the cleaning steps:

  1. Unplug First: Always unplug your grinder before cleaning. Safety first!
  2. Disassemble: Take apart removable parts like jars, blades, and lids.
  3. Soapy Solution: Fill a basin with warm water and a few drops of dish soap.
  4. Gentle Scrub: Use a soft scrub or sponge. Avoid abrasive pads that might scratch.
  5. Rinsing: Thoroughly rinse off the soap to avoid residue.
  6. Drying: Wipe down parts with a clean cloth and let them air dry before assembling.

Safe Operating Practices

Ensuring your grinder’s longevity isn’t just about cleaning. It’s about safe usage:

  • Overloading: Avoid filling the jar to the brim. Overloading can strain the motor.
  • Pulse for Hard Ingredients: Use the pulse function for tough ingredients like whole spices or coffee beans. It’s gentler on the machine.
  • Regular Breaks: Wait to run the grinder for a short time. If you’re using it for more than 5 minutes, give it a 2-minute break.

Periodic Servicing and Repairs

Even the best machines need some TLC:

  • Annual Check-up: Consider an annual check-up, especially if your grinder is out of warranty.
  • Professional Repairs: If something seems off – strange noises, inconsistent grinding – it’s time for professional help.
  • Genuine Parts: Always use genuine parts for replacements. They may be a tad pricier, but they’re worth it.

When to Seek Professional Help

SymptomPossible IssueSolution
Strange noisesLoose parts or motor issuesTighten or replace parts; if persistent, see a professional
Inconsistent grindingWorn-out bladesReplace blades
Grinder getting too hotOveruse or motor strainGive breaks during use; if persistent, check the motor


So, we’ve learned a lot about the best silent mixer grinders in India. Having a quiet grinder is a game-changer. It makes our kitchens peaceful. But there are other things to look for.

Power, lasting quality, and cool features also matter. And once you’ve got your perfect mixer, taking care of it is key.

Now, with all this info, you can pick a great grinder for your kitchen. Here’s to quiet and tasty cooking!


Why are silent mixer grinders better for my kitchen?

Silent mixer grinders are great for a peaceful cooking experience. No more loud noises that can distract or stress you. Plus, you can still enjoy powerful grinding without the commotion.

Is a silent mixer grinder less powerful than a regular one?

Nope! Many people think this, but it’s not true. The best silent mixer grinders in India have strong motors that can handle tough ingredients, just like their louder cousins.

How do I know if my grinder is really ‘silent’?

Look at its decibel (dB) level. A typical silent mixer grinder will have a noise level of around 60-70 dB. That’s much quieter than regular grinders, which can be as loud as 85-90 dB.

How often should I clean my silent mixer grinder?

For best results, clean it after each use. This helps avoid residue build-up and keeps your machine running smoothly.

Do silent mixer grinders cost more than regular ones?

Sometimes. Silent mixer grinders might be a tad pricier because of their advanced tech and build quality. But think of it as an investment for peace in your kitchen.

What should I do if my silent mixer grinder starts making weird noises?

First, check if any parts are loose. If everything seems fine and the noise persists, it might be time to consult a professional. Using genuine replacement parts and getting regular check-ups can prevent such issues.

Which mixer grinder has less noise?

The mixer grinder with the least noise from the list on the webpage is the “Philips HL7707/00”. It operates at a noise level of 85 dB, which is relatively quieter compared to other mixer grinders.

Remember, it’s always good to do some research and ask questions. This ensures you’re making the best choice for your kitchen needs.

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