Apple’s Shocking Watch Halt: Patent Wars Escalate!

Apple Inc., a big player in the tech world, just said they’re stopping the sales of their Series 9 and Ultra 2 Apple Watches in the United States for a little while. They’re doing this because they’re in a legal fight over patents with Masimo, a medical tech company. This is a big deal for Apple. In this article, we’ll look closely at what’s going on and what it means for Apple’s business, the tech industry, and the people who buy Apple stuff.

Apple Shocking Watch Halt In Us

Background of the Dispute

The Patent Issue

Apple finds itself at a crossroads due to a patent infringement allegation by Masimo. The dispute centres around the technology used in Apple Watches for measuring blood oxygen levels, a feature critical to the functionality of these models.

Key Entities Involved

  • Apple Inc.: The tech giant affected by the patent dispute.
  • Masimo: The medical technology company claiming patent infringement.

Apple’s Response

In response to the legal challenge, Apple is exploring a variety of legal and technical routes. The company is reportedly modifying algorithms in the smartwatches and preparing its retail stores for the change.

Steps Apple is Taking

  • Technical Adjustments: Altering algorithms related to oxygen saturation measurement.
  • Retail Changes: Updating promotional materials to exclude Series 9 and Ultra 2 models.

Financial Impact

On Apple’s Revenue

The sales halt could potentially dent Apple’s revenue by a significant margin. The Apple Watch is a critical product in Apple’s portfolio, contributing substantially to its earnings.

Financial Figures

  • Apple Watch Revenue: Estimated at around $17 billion in fiscal 2023.
  • Projected Loss: Approximately $300-400 million during the holiday season.

Market Reaction

The news impacted the stock market, with Apple shares experiencing a slight dip while Masimo’s shares saw an uptick.

Legal and Technical Aspects

Apple’s Legal Moves

Apple’s stance is clear: the company plans to appeal the ITC decision, asserting that the ruling is erroneous and should be reversed.

Technical Adjustments

Apart from legal avenues, Apple is making technical changes to its products, indicating a proactive approach to compliance.

Customer and Market Impact

Availability of Apple Watches

The halt affects the availability of the latest Apple Watch models, though other models like the SE remain on sale.

Apple Watch Models Impacted

  • Series 9
  • Ultra 2

Third-Party Sales

Interestingly, third-party retailers may continue to sell the affected models, potentially cushioning the impact on Apple’s sales.

Future Implications

Industry Perspective

This development has broader implications for intellectual property law and tech innovation. It highlights the complex interplay between technological advancement and patent laws.

Apple’s Strategy

Looking forward, Apple’s product development and innovation strategies will be closely watched, especially in how it navigates patent-related challenges.


Apple’s decision to pause sales of specific Apple Watch models in the US is more than a mere corporate manoeuvre. It is a testament to the ongoing complexities in the tech industry, where innovation, legal challenges, and market dynamics intersect. As the situation evolves, it will offer valuable insights into patent law, corporate strategy, and consumer impact in the tech world.

Apple Shocking Watch Halt Patent Wars Escalate

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