Apple’s homeOS and Touchscreen HomePod: A 2024 Launch

Recent events indicate that Apple may be actively developing “homeOS,” a new operating system. With this project, Apple is taking a big step towards becoming a player in the smart home technology market. It looks like Apple is working on a new operating system specifically for smart homes based on code references found in the first beta of tvOS 17.4. This finding is consistent with earlier job advertising from June 2021, in which Apple included “homeOS” in addition to iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Nevertheless, these postings were promptly taken down in response to public interest.

Apple Homeos

The concept of homeOS is not entirely new. When Apple launched the HomePod in 2018, it initially ran on iOS 11. However, with the release of HomePod software 13.4, Apple transitioned to using the tvOS platform. The latest findings in tvOS 17.4 suggest that Apple might be working to enhance its smart home presence beyond the HomePod. The mysterious homeOS could be a combination of tvOS and HomePod software, potentially powering a new smart home display that rivals products like the Echo Show, Google Nest, and Meta Portal.

The Next-Generation HomePod: A Touchscreen Innovation

Apple is reportedly working on a new full-sized HomePod with a touchscreen display, expected to launch in the first half of this year. This development was first mentioned by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in March 2023 and hinted at by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman in 2021. The new HomePod is likely to feature a 7-inch display provided by China’s Tianma. It is expected to resemble the second-generation HomePod but with a significant addition: a large LCD touchscreen on top, replacing the LED display used in previous models.

Numerous leaks have verified the existence of this new model, known by the codename “B720.” According to tvOS 17 code, Apple Podcasts and Apple Music will be among the first apps upgraded to support the new display. Playing a song or podcast on the screen may cause blurry animations based on the colours of the album image as well as important notifications. The display on this generation of HomePods may make it easier to integrate it more deeply with Apple’s other hardware offerings.

Implications and Future Prospects

The emergence of homeOS and the development of a touchscreen HomePod signify Apple’s commitment to expanding its footprint in the smart home market. These advancements could lead to more integrated and user-friendly experiences for Apple product users, enhancing the company’s competitive edge in the rapidly growing smart home industry.

Apple Homeos And Touchscreen Homepod A 2024 Launch

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