AI-Powered Google Photos Update: Smarter Photo Stacks and Document Management

Google has introduced two new Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered features to its Google Photos app, significantly enhancing how users organise and manage their photo libraries. The “Photo Stack” feature and improved screenshot and document management tools aim to declutter photo galleries and streamline the user experience across Android and iOS platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • Google Photos now includes a feature called “Photo Stack,” designed to automatically identify and group similar photos.
  • An enhanced AI system will categorise screenshots and document images into specific albums like IDs, receipts, and event information.
  • Users have the flexibility to customise or disable the Photo Stack feature.
  • Google Photos can set reminders from images and archive screenshots and documents after 30 days, keeping them accessible in dedicated albums.
  • These updates are available on both Android and iOS platforms.
Ai-Powered Google Photos Update

AI-Powered Photo Organization

Google Photos’ latest update introduces two significant AI-driven functionalities: the “Photo Stack” feature and advanced screenshot and document management. These features are designed to tackle the common issue of cluttered photo libraries, often filled with duplicate or similar photos and numerous screenshots and document images​​​​​​.

Photo Stack: Decluttering Made Easy

“Photo Stack” is an AI-powered tool that groups similar photos taken in close succession. It intelligently selects the top image from a group to represent the moment’s essence, thus reducing clutter. Although the other pictures in the stack remain in the library, they are hidden, making the gallery appear neater. Users can either agree with the AI’s top pick or choose their preferred photo​​​​​​.

Screenshot and Document Management

The new update also introduces more intelligent management of screenshots and document photos. Using AI, Google Photos can identify and categorise these images into separate albums, such as receipts, IDs, and event information. This organisation allows access to essential documents without sifting through the entire gallery. Furthermore, users can set reminders directly from these screenshots and choose to automatically archive these images after 30 days, thus keeping their main gallery organised while still retaining easy access to these documents​​​​​​​​.

Google Photos Screenshot Organisation Ai

Practical Features Enhancing User Convenience

Google Photos’ new features provide practical solutions to everyday problems. Setting reminders from images, like concert tickets or event flyers, makes users’ lives convenient. This feature recognises the details in the screenshot, such as dates and times. It lets users set a calendar reminder directly from the Google Photos app​​.

Google Photos Photo Stack

Availability and Accessibility

These new features are available to all Google Photos users on both Android and iOS platforms. The rollout of these features began recently, and users can expect to see these changes in their Google Photos app soon. This update reflects Google’s ongoing commitment to improving user experience through innovative, AI-driven solutions​​.


Google Photos’ introduction of AI-powered features like Photo Stack and improved screenshot and document management tools marks a significant advancement in digital photo organisation. These features simplify photo management and provide additional functionalities like setting reminders enhancing the overall user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Photo Stack feature in Google Photos?

Photo Stack is an AI-powered feature in Google Photos designed to reduce clutter in your photo library. It automatically identifies and groups similar photos taken closely together and selects a top pick to represent each moment. Users can customise which image is the top pick or disable the feature entirely.

How does Google Photos manage screenshots and documents with the new update?

The latest update to Google Photos includes AI capabilities to categorise screenshots and document images into specific albums, such as IDs, receipts, and event information. This feature simplifies finding important documents without browsing through the entire gallery. Users can also set calendar reminders directly from these images.

Can I disable the Photo Stack feature if I don’t like it?

Yes, users have complete control over the Photo Stack feature. If you prefer not to use it, you can easily disable it in the Google Photos app settings, allowing you to manage your photo library manually.

Will the new Google Photos features be available on Android and iOS?

The new AI-powered features, including Photo Stack and enhanced screenshot and document management, are being rolled out to Google Photos users on Android and iOS platforms.

What happens to my photos after 30 days with the new screenshot and document management feature?

Users can automatically archive screenshots and documents after 30 days with the new screenshot and document management feature. While these images will be hidden from the main gallery to reduce clutter, they will remain accessible in their dedicated albums for easy reference.

Ai-Powered Google Photos Update Smarter Photo Stacks And Document Management

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